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Coming in September…

Book & Score by


Directed by Katie Haulter

Musical Direction by Doug Jones     Choreography by Madi Sellmer

The Cast


Annie Bailey Whitbeck
Oliver Warbucks Chris Haulter
Miss Aggie Hannigan Kristy Calman
Grace Ferrell Su Crocker
Rooster Hannigan Johnathan Jackson
Lily St. Regis Olivia Thompson
Molly Cassady Baumgartle
Katie Riley Frakes
Tessie Claire Trusty
Pepper Harli Pickman-Yates
Duffy Cadie Blanchard
July Charlee Watson
Annie understudy Caylen Judd
Bundles McCloskey Mike Sands
Lt. Ward Mike Sands
Sophie the Kettle Sydney Kasack
Drake Corey Ballard
Mrs. Pugh Amanda Alexander
Mrs. Greer Amy Crosser
Cecile Madison Conway
Annette Hannah Dickens
Stars to Be Olivia Manning & Seattle Greenwell
Bert Healy Mark Hubbard
Fred McCraken/Wacky Mike Sands
Corey Ballard
Sound Effects Man Terrance Thomas
Bonnie Boylan Bekah Young
Ronnie Boylan Brittanni Shafer
Connie Boylan Alowa Rightnowar
Franklin D. Roosevelt C. Kevin Swansey
Harold Ickes Mike Sands
Louis Howe Dakota Cotton
Henry Morganthau Mark Hubbard
Frances Perkins Diane Keen
Cordell Hull Gabriel Petri
Justice Louis Brandeis Mark Hubbard
Orphan Chorus A Orphan Chorus B
Autumn Euker, Meghan Haulter, Abigail Nevitt, Alice Haynes, Emma Holifield, Nicole Stratford, Kyla Catt, Katelyn Ritcher, Allison Crosser, Sydney Crosser, Brooklyn Chandler, Mara Holifield, Delaney Cooper, Lexi Pickman-Yates Kimberlin Keller, Adaline Murphy, Elizabeth Grant, Chloe Blanchard, Kyrsten Adkins, Corinne Miller, Addysin Williams, Cassidy Nevitt, Daici Fae Alexander, Ava Gleitz, Maddie Finster, Aubrey Kasack
Servant Ensemble Featured   Ensemble: NYC
Amanda Alexander, Dakota Cotton, Gabriel Petri, Cherith Schlib, Elise Gordon, Julia Baumgartle, Abigail Chandler, Sydney Kasack,Terrance Thomas Diane Kean, Amy Crosser, Brittanni Shafer, Mike Sands, Joryn Burns, Carlee Smith, Tovah Campbell, Meghan Haulter, Delaney Cooper
Rockettes Citizens of Hooverville
Hannah Dickens, Bekah Young, Madison Conway, Alowa Rightnowar, Madi Sellmer, Seattle Greenwell Olivia Manning, Allison Holder, Terrance Thomas, Kit Keller, Sydney Kascak, Sami Mayrose, Emma Nattress, Brittanni Shafer, Carlee Smith, Joryn Burns


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

 2016 – 2017  Awards

Congratulations to the actors winning for their performances this year
* * * * * * * * * * *

Spelling Bee

Best Supporting Actress

Kristie Calman as Marcy


Death by Chocolate

Best Actress

Candace Kresse as Lady Riverdale

Best Supporting Actor

Zachariah McKensie as Julia Chiles


Drowsy Chaperone

Best Actor

Greg Collier as Man in Chair


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301 E. Montgomery Ave.Clarksville, IN 47129

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