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Summer Children’s Show


 Fri and Sat June 23 and 24 at 7:30,

Sun June 25 at 2:00



Go to Tickets for Reservations 


 2016 – 2017  Acting Nominations

Congratulations to the actors nominated for their performances this year
Join us at 6:30 on June 25  for the final results

            *Best Actor and Best Support+ Nominations for :

Spelling Bee

*Jenna Ryan as Olive
*Brad Green as Barfee
Kristie Calman as Marcy+
Chrystopher Hancock as Leaf+

Miracle on 34th St

*Kara Merchant as Susan Walker
*Tom Morton as Kris Kringle
Rachale Allen as Doris Walker+
Denver Bays as Dr. Pierce+

Death by Chocolate

*Candace Kresse as Lady Riverdale
*Andrew K. McGill as John Stone
Alexandra Seabrook as Dyslexia+
Zechariah McKensie as Julia Chiles+

The Matchmaker

*Cindy Smith as Van Huysen
*Brad Lambert as Cornelius Hackl
Shelly Reid as Mrs Molloy+
Gary Crockett as Vandergelder+

Drowsy Chaperone

*Carrie Chastain as The Drowsy Chaperone
*Greg Collier as Man in Chair
Valerie Canon as Janet Van deGraaf+
Jeff Ketterman as Aldolpha+


 2015 – 2016 Awards

Congratulations to last year’s award recipients


Best Actor:
Cameron Conners
The Producers
Best Actress:
Carrie Cooke Ketterman
The Producers
Best Supporting Actor:
Chris Haulter
The Producers
Best Supporting Actress
Candace Kresse
All My Sons
Additional 2015-2016 Awards
Merit Awards
Sandy Merritt
Andy Heitkemper
Heather Cruikshank
Wendy Hames
Technical Achievement
The Producers
Lisa Cutts
Jack Wilcoxson
The Helen Roehrig
Emily Miller
The Dick Deddens
Kelsey Goodwin
Drew Martin
Junior Trouper
Megan Simpson
Bekah Young
President’s Award
Margie Wilcoxson
Anna Goodwin


CLT information call:


 or email questions@clarksvillelittletheatre.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
301 E. Montgomery Ave.Clarksville, IN 47129

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