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Auditions “The Matchmaker”

A Farce by Thornton Wilder

Sunday, Jan. 15th at 2:00 pm


  Monday, Jan. 16th at 7:00 pm

Directed by Alan Weller


      Character,   Age  and   Description
Horace Vandergelder, 55-65   Company store owner. Choleric, vain, and sly. Has decided to take a wife.
Ambrose Kemper, 25-30,   An Artist – in love.
Joe Scanlon,  45-60,   Barber to Mr V for 20 years.
Gertrude, 70,    Half blind, deaf and very pleased with herself. Slightly demented.
Cornelius Hackl,  33,   Head clerk for Mr V. Looking for adventure.
Emmergarde, 22-25,    Vandergelder’s niece- in love with Ambrose.
Malachi Stack,  50,     A man of many parts. Sardonic. Pretends humility. Vandergelder’s new employee.
Mrs. Levi,  of uncertain age, 55-60,   An astute Matchmaker
Barnaby Tucker, 17-22,   Wide eyed and innocent.  Works at the Vandergelder store.
Mrs. Molloy, 40-45,   Widow.  Hat store owner, who feels romantic.
Minnie Fay, 20-25,   Assistant to Mrs. Molloy.
Joe the Cabman, 50-60,   Could be a very large man with authority.
Rudolph, 35-60,  An important Head Waiter.
Auguste,  30-50,  An industrious wine waiter.
Miss Flora Van Huysen,  50,  Aunt to Emmergarde.  Florid, stout and sentimental.
Cook,  45-60,  Has been cook for Miss Van Huysen for years. Is of extremely large dimension.
Gypsy Musician, 20 and up,  Plays a concertina


Synopsis: Vandergelder, a rich merchant in 1800, decides he should take a wife.  So he engages a Matchmaker, and the woman subsequently becomes involved with two of his clerks, as well as an array of young ladies and the headwaiter at a deluxe restaurant, where this swift farce races headlong into hilarious complications,  Everyone gets straightened out romantically, and the merchant finds himself affianced the Matchmaker herself, and becomes putty in her hands.  While his clerks fool him in a variety of hilarious hide and seek scenes, which results in all his bluster exploding in his face.

Production dates: March 10, 11, 12 and 17, 18, 19.



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