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The Game’s Afoot Auditions

Game's Afoot, The - Full Length Play, Comedy“The Game’s Afoot”

or Holmes For The Holidays

  By Ken Ludwig

               Sunday, Sept 10th  at 7:00 pm  &  Monday, Sept. 11 at 7.00pm
Directed by Alan Weller 
In December 1936, Broadway star William Gillette – admired for his role in the play, Sherlock Holmes – has invited his cast- members to his home for the Christmas weekend. The festivities turn dangerous when one of his guests is killed, and  Gillette assumes the role of his beloved Holmes to track down the killer, before the next victim appears.  The danger and the fun is non-stop in this hilarious whodunnit, set during the Christmas holidays.

Show dates are November 10, 11, 12, 17, 18 and 19.

Cast needed:
           William Gillette   (36-45)    Actor
                     Martha Gillette     (65-75)    Mother and former actress..
           Felix Geisel           (40-55)    Actor
                      Madge Geisel        (40-45)    Actress – wife of Felix
            Simon Bright       (24-30)     Actor
                       Aggie Wheeler    (23-27)     Actress
                       Daria Chase         (40-50)     Famous Theatre Reviewer.
                       Harriett Goring    (45-55)     Police Inspector.

For more information please call 502.228.8204


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